A Little Church

and a

Great Hall



The Fellowship of Humanity

a Deep Green Humanist Church



front door:   390   27th  Street,  midtown Oakland,  CA  94612-3104

between Telegraph and Broadway

mailing  address:    411   28th  Street,  Oakland,  CA   94609-3602

wheelchair accessible from  28th  Street

510-451-5818   *  HumanistHall [at] Yahoo.com  *   www.HumanistHall.org

offers our User-Friendly and Affordable

Humanist Hall


since 1941


Progressive, Radical, and Left Wing Organizations
and Oppressed Minority Communities
including those that are

Political, Cultural, Ethnic, and Spiritual in nature

*   Humanist
such as
Food First
Youth together
Ohlone Tribal Council
 NineEleven Truth Alliance
United Health Care Workers
Wellstone  Democratic  Renewal Club
Coalition for West Oakland Revitalization
Black Student Union Founders Institute
International Society for Ecology & Culture
*   Sacred

Mid-Size Event Space &  Stage

for Meetings, Performances, Banquets, Celebrations, Memorials

! In a Building and Grounds with Historic Charm !

Our Dining Room features Full Kitchen Access


Dimensions of the Hall

Our Dance Floor is 53 feet long and 35 feet wide

or nearly 2000 square feet of floor space
Our Stage is 17Ό feet wide and 13½ feet deep

or nearly 230 square feet of stage space

Maximum occupancy for the Hall is:

123 people seated and 265 people standing

Recommended Donations For Using Humanist Hall:   from $200 – $500

We are a Humanist Church for the Left and the Left-Out inspired by Communitarian Ideals

Humanism is about what humans are and do at their Best for each other and all Life Forms
Without supernatural assistance

*    *

Humanist Hall is the building at  390  27th  Street

owned and operated by the Fellowship of Humanity.

While it serves the broader Oakland area

as a community center and gracious venue

for progressive activist and oppressed minority groups,

it is also the home of the Fellowship of Humanity,


Deep Green Humanist Church

-- independent, unorthodox, unexpected, and invaluable --

a church for humanists, spiritual humanists, eco-humanists,

humanitarians, and deep ecologists of all kinds.


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Hall Schedule

into the Foreseeable Future


The Fellowship of Humanity

~ Schedule ~

for all events at Humanist Hall

since 2002




is striving to provide











Hello Web Readers

Are you planning a party, a celebration, a concert,

a convention, a performance, a banquet

-- any big, bright, great time --




having it right here and having it in the day time
rather than at night

This is sunny California

and our yard is a lovely park


In the day time you can be as active and happy as you like
no police to stop you in the name of sleeping neighbors

you can eat to your heart's content while it's daylight

and your body will thank you for not eating too late


Most of all

   OPD   will not come by to harass you

for being ethnic  or  having too much fun

in the broad day light


Let's try it!  Let's start a new culture, a new trend!


Party by DayLight !






Amazing!  at Humanist Hall
since 2005
Solar Roof   *   West Wall   *   Hall Floor

          Solar Roof               


Our solar roof on the south side of Humanist Hall meets the electric needs of the entire building for the Fellowship of Humanity.  It generates from the sun’s light  11,025  peak watts.  PG&E keeps track of how much electricity the solar roof generates and how much of that we use and how much is more than we can use – how much is surplus.  What the Fellowship does not use in the summer, PG&E sends off to neighboring buildings for them to use.  In the winter, when we may need more electricity than we generate, PG&E returns our surplus to us.  Our PG&E electric bill is $0.00 because we are giving as much and more electricity to PG&E than we receive.  You can watch our PG&E outdoor meter roll backwards Our solar powered panels were provided and installed by Sun Light and Power of Berkeley, California:  www.sunlightandpower.com.


West Wall

The outside West Wall of Humanist Hall, the wall overlooking the parking lot next door, was an unsightly mess for decades.  It made the Humanist Hall look like a case of blight.  But almost overnight it was re-shingled by James, Ben, Snacks, Daniel, and Federico under the supervision of James Cosner.  It looks great!  It’s a fine new look for Humanist Hall coming eastbound on 27th Street.



Hall Floor

The old wood floor of Humanist Hall was swiftly degenerating before the new millennium even started, not to mention the decades that it had not been taken care of before the year 2000.  The floor creaked, the boards were thin and cracking, they were separating, and there were open gaps in it.  The last finish had been completely worn off in the center.  It had gotten worn down to where the nails stuck up higher than the floor.  But now the Hall floor has been refinished – by Vincent from Cal Floors the first time, then Tajmal Payne from Heartwood Flooring put the finishing touch on the floor the second time around.


But Taj is a perfectionist and put another four protective coatings on the floor by 2008.  Still not satisfied, and eager to protect the floor, he has refinished the floor four times again in 2009!  Finally it looks like it was meant to look  It’s beautifully colored in multifaceted shiny golden brown hues from maple syrup to honey.  Come over and have a look – feast your eyes The Hall floor is the center piece of Humanist Hall and the beautiful work of Tajmal Payne's expert and loving care.  Taj saved the floor of Humanist Hall He may be reached at:  925-980-6682.






Beautiful!  at Humanist Hall
since 2009


Stage Floor


The floor of the Stage of Humanist Hall was the same disaster that the Hall floor was until  Tajmal Payne  came to the rescue!  The wood of the floor had been raw and breaking up for decades.  Many a dancer, singer, musician, performer, actor, and stage hand could be seen pulling splinters out of their feet after a show.   Finally, early in 2009, Taj  refinished it the way it was meant to be refinished!  He gave it multiple coatings of the same poly goo that he used on the Hall floor.  He perfectly matched the Stage floor to the Hall floor.  Come over and have a look – see the stage floor glow just like the Hall floorYou can find Taj at:  925-980-6682. 







Stage Lights

Last century, the stage had been provided with five small, ordinary light bulbs high up in its rafters.  They lit the stage well enough for cleaning purposes, but they were very poor lighting indeed for theatrical productions, bald, glaring, spooky and shadowy!  Then Grant Williams brought stage lighting to Humanist Hall!  He installed four huge stage lights on one of the high cross beams out in the Hall and five smaller fixtures, capable of color changes, half way up the front of the Stage itself.  All these fixtures spread a strong but soft and pretty, diffused light on stage productions and make them easy to videotape.  Before this time, videotapes of stage performances were lost in darkness.  Grant has changed all that by light years!  Now theatre productions shine both live and on film.  Put on a show here and see it for yourself – attractively lit and naturally colorful, a beautiful moving picture on You Tube You can find Grant at:  925-323-0012. 


Room Floor


The floor of the Staging Room at Humanist Hall, which is also called the Green Room by performers who use it, was the same disaster that the Stage floor was until  Tajmal Payne  came to the rescue again!  The wood of the Staging Room floor had been raw and splintery for decades.  Many a dancer, singer, musician, performer, actor, and stage hand could be seen in this room pulling splinters out of their feet after a show.   And Taj himself suffered a big splinter in his hand working on this floor.  Taj refinished it late in 2009 the way it was meant to be refinished!  He gave it four coatings of the same poly goo that he used on the Hall floor and the Stage floor.  Now the glow of the Stage floor flows seamlessly into the Staging Room floor as it was meant to do from day one.  Come over and have a look – see the Staging Room floor glow right beside the Stage floor Taj may be reached at:  925-980-6682. 



Spectacular!  at Humanist Hall
since 2004

Movie Theatre



Humanist Hall becomes a movie theatre every Wednesday evening to show audiences the most impressive, insightful, eye-opening, mind-bending, informative, comprehensive, educational, horrifying, hopeful, and inspiring films ever made.  Most of the films are political documentaries or political allegories but not all.  We also show nature films and political science fiction films.  Our films are shown in series of four or five films on a monthly basis on Wednesday evenings.  Our movie theatre is called "Films of Fact and Life" and each monthly movie series has its own name and theme for that month.   To see the films shown so far, click  HERE  then click on “Guest Films
Humanist Hall is so far the only movie theatre in the East Bay that is completely operated by solar power, energy from the sun.
 Our  8 x 11  movie screen is professional quality
:  its beaded surface is such that when a movie is viewed from the side, it appears as if seen from straight up front.  Our movie projector is first class conference quality, InFocus X1.  It was a gift from Michael Kelly.  Our sound system –
featuring two huge overhanging Cerwin Vega speakers, a state-of-the-art Yamaha mixer, and the finest Phillips DVD player – matches the big movie sound of movie theatres everywhere.  The speakers and DVD player were gifts from Anton Duval, and the mixer was chosen by him to suit the needs of the Hall.  Enjoy!








Colorful!  at Humanist Hall
since 2001



Interior Hall

The interior of Humanist Hall, its four walls, had been painted in the 1990s but had become faded and dull.  The walls were not a welcoming sight to inspire people to give donations to the Hall in order to hold their most important or precious events in it.  Then Larry Silver painted all the walls a light purple, with dark purple trim.  Suddenly everyone wanted to be in the Hall, especially women!  The two-toned purple was Larry's idea and it has proven to be the best idea for the Hall interior!


Interior Dining


The interior of the Dining Room, its three walls, was just as dreary to look at as the Hall.  But James Cosner decided to liven it up and painted it a bright green and deep purple, colors never seen before in the Hall!  This room is so astonishing and gratifying to look at that everyone remarks on it and loves to use it as their staging area for displaying food.  This room has convinced everyone that Humanist Hall should be painted in the deep, rich colors of the third world.  James may be reached at 510-419-1405.




Exterior Hall

Humanist Hall was near to being considered a blight on the City of Oakland in 2000.  Painting began on every part of the building and never stopped.  We made the decision that Humanist Hall would be continually painted like the Golden Gate Bridge.  As soon as painting the building comes to an end in a particular year, then it begins again the next year.  Our model is the Golden Gate Bridge, where painting is a permanent part of its being!  Many people have been painters for Humanist Hall.  One of our painters of note was
James Cosner and following him has been the most perfectionistic and artistic painter of all our painters, Kelly English!  Kel has painted the most difficult areas of all, the eves around the building – and everywhere else.  He is the finest painter the Hall ever experienced.  Kel can be found at:  510-229-9700.        







!  at Humanist Hall
since 2007

Whole Humans

on a

Deep Green Path

The Fellowship of Humanity is conscious of the global crisis enveloping not only all humans but all animals, all plants, the beautiful blue-green Earth, and Life itself.   All are on the verge of devastation if not already dead.  At Humanist Hall we do our best on our own scale to restore us local humans to our innate wholeness, along with our immediate environment.  Restored and whole, we humans can improve the lot of our environments and the fate of the Earth.  But we can't wait to be perfect before we act.  We need to improve both ourselves (our attitudes) and our environment at the same time.  To this end we advocate eco-centrism, eco-socialism, cooperative economics, and local resourcefulness and we dedicate our lives to re-humanizing humanity within our range of influence and restoring local ecological systems.  An ecological consciousness and philosophy is the future.    

The Fellowship is committed to serving and advocating foods, products, and methodologies that are either local or organic, or both.  We encourage everyone to buy from Farmers' Markets.  And the Fellowship is committed to guiding local humans towards beneficent attitudes and actions for their own sake as well as for the sake of all other living beings.  We encourage everyone to know themselves as helpful and constructive.

We have other green practices going on at the Fellowship:  we are committed to using biodegradable, recycled, and non-toxic products everywhere we work on the premises of the Fellowship.  We recycle everything that's recyclable.  Products that we buy new are made in the USA.  Humanist Hall is blessed with a solar roof providing all its electrical needs.  The Fellowship possesses no petroleum-run machines, no car or truck, no gas lawn mower.  Two of our Directors ride bicycles, buses, and BART in lieu of driving cars or trucks.  They walk the Fellowship talk.  They integrate work and housing in one place and exchange work for housing;  they bathe once a week.  They have no children.  In the kitchen and Hall, green and biodegradable cleansers are used;  in the office, recycled paper;  on the grounds, compost and insects – no pesticides.  Gardens on the premises of the Fellowship are gradually being converted to native gardens.  There is one grey water pipe at the Fellowship so far.  Organic and local vegetarian refreshments are served at Fellowship functions.  Permaculture is our model for sustaining humans along with nature.  And we encourage everyone to bring permaculture into their lives.   Enjoy!



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The Fellowship of Humanity

is a

Deep Green Humanist Church
since 1935

now in process of developing a
Humanist Spirituality and Ethics
in tune with the ecology of the Earth
Especially Embracing

communitarian life
cooperative economics,




Join us & help build a spiritual, ecological humanist church
inspired by communitarian ideals to reverse the plight of the oppressed –
& participate in a fledgling meritocracy & small economy
devoted to encouraging & acting on the highest consciousness of humans.
! In a Building and Grounds with Historic Charm !

Humanism is about what humans are and do at their Best for each other and all Life Forms
Without supernatural interventions




The Fellowship of Humanity

is the proud owner of

Humanist Hall
since 1941



Meetings, Rallies, Benefits, Conferences, Conventions

Left, Radical, and Progressive Organizations

 and  Oppressed Minority Communities  --

Groups that are Committed to

for just and righteous causes
such as
Public Service
Local  Citizenship
Global  Citizenship
Progressive  Activism

we offer progressive Organizations & oppressed minority communities :
affordable meeting & festivity space,
a platform for activists, artists, healers, organizers, and intellectuals,
and a desirable work place for workers
! In a Building and Grounds with Historic Charm !

Humanism is about what humans are and do at their Best for each other and all Life Forms
Without supernatural interventions



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